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Here, 3 by 4 matrix is been put to play, which requires you to subscribe with #1000 , build a team and cycle out with #2.1million

Retrogidi is a management agency geared towards the establishment of individuals financially using the technique of crowd funding, in order to ensure that all who sign up benefit from this system. What is Crowd funding? Crowd funding is the process of getting a group of people donate money to u for a specific purpose. Crowd funding is a technique that has gained so much recognition in western countries as it saves those involved in it the headache of outrageous bank interest rates on loans. Rather than collecting loans from the banks, which they hardly give in the first place. And if you are fortunate to receive from them, you get a sleepless nights thinking on how to pay back. In other to avoid this, Retrogidi brings to you the solution. It is easier to get people to donate little amounts, than to get one person to make a huge donation.

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